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  • Aria E Luce

    aria e luce
    is an evolution of centrale that integrates an elegant
    lighting element that is an Airforce patent.
    Same as for slim and centrale, with which it
    shares all the main features, even with aria e luce we
    have a downward air flow that aspirates down the
    cooking fumes, thanks to a powerful EBM motor with
    low energy consumption, and taking advantage of the
    physical principle called the Venturi effect.
    Technological and innovative, aria e luce is made with
    a small depth suction channel, to allow the installation
    of drawers or other elements below the hob, without
    sacrificing the space inside the cabinet. This is possible
    due to the positioning of the motor within the base
    of the kitchen, in a non-invasive area, which allows
    flexibility with regards to the evacuation of the fumes.
    Both: in suction and recirculation mode, for maximum
    versatility of installation.
    aria e luce is also leading the way in energy saving,
    being classified in class A++, the highest recognized by
    the current regulations.

  • Slim G5 flex induction

    • 2 Bridge function 3,7 kW
    • 9 power levels
    • Cooking chef function
    • Pause and recall
    • 3 temperature levels
    • Pot Detection
    • Child Lock
    • Timer and Countdown
    • Residual Heat Display
    • Automatic shut down
    • Zero-Moisture System (for filtering installation)