METALLICA APPLIANCES L.L.C. is a well recognized company located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates that offers an immense array of Kitchen Appliances and Accessories. To respond competently and efficiently in the demand of a new generation customers, we are engaged in different companies such as Franke, Barazza, Falmec, Carysil, Apell and Smalvic that are committed in the production and marketing of kitchen products and focusing in providing wide selection of aesthetic and elegant kitchen appliances and accessories.

Our wide range affiliation with Consultants, Engineering Firms and Interior Design companies gives us the opportunity to manage proficiently the projects and enable us to strengthen our relationship with customers throughout the United Arab Emirates and GCC countries. Metallica Appliances LLC is part of Silver Legend Contracting Equipment group of companies.


Our Mission

Metallica Appliances’ mission is to offer aggressive marketing strategies that represent our finest high – quality products at competitive prices. Our appliances are primarily designed and selected to meet the requirements of our local and international clientele. Likewise, to fulfill our commitment with the clients, we have set-up showrooms where customers can recognize the aesthetic and elegant designs of our products as well as to assess the appliances functionality. Customers are assisted by our highly-experienced employees who are constantly available for consultation and welcome queries about specific needs and requirements. Indeed, our top-most priority – ENSURING CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.