In most households, handling the water supply system is a challenge that people have to face. From blocked drains to clogged sinks, there are many problems one must deal with. Either you have to work on a single tap type based on temperature or mix the water from both hot and cold taps manually.

Although it is a common practice, it is time-consuming. You wouldn’t know when the water is at a right temperature and when it is extreme. As a result, you continue adding more hot or cold water, and the temperature changes. This is one of the main challenges one has to deal with if the kitchen has separate taps for hot and cold water. The best way to solve it is by installing kitchen mixer taps in Dubai.

The following article will introduce you to the mixer taps, how they work, and their benefits. Therefore, you will have more clarity about the working of this plumbing hardware system and can quickly decide if you want to install it in your kitchen sink or not.

What is a mixer tap in the kitchen?

As the name suggests, the kitchen mixer tap has two valves for hot and cold water. When you turn the tap, the inlets allow hot and cold water to mix until the desired temperature is achieved. Therefore, we can call it a plumbing system in your kitchen sink which can mix two different types of water based on their temperatures and produce the water with an optimal temperature that won’t be too hot or cold.

How does the mixer tap work?

The mixer taps will usually have two different settings. You can change the rotary valve to control the flow in each case. For example, turning the dial to the right of the hot water valve will reduce its flow, and the temperature of the output will be colder. Similarly, if you increase the hot water valve opening, more hot water will mix with the cold water and increase the resultant temperature.

Usually, the valves for hot and cold water are color-coded and available in the same manner on the market. You need to attach the hot water valve to the heater and the colder one with a regular water supply. There will be a mixer connected to the outputs of these two valves. To the other end of the mixer will be an output valve for mixed water.

What are the benefits you can enjoy with the kitchen mixture tap?

There are several benefits of using the mixer taps in your kitchen. If you weren’t aware of the same, do not worry. In this following section, we have given you a brief to clarify your doubts.

 kitchen mixer taps in dubai
  1. With a mixer tap, you can get both hot water, cold water, and a mix of two quickly.
  2. Thanks to the boiling water outlet, you won’t have to boil water for any purpose in the kitchen. Plus, if you want the moderate temperature of the water. Open both valves simultaneously, and the mixer component will work its magic.


This article discusses the main benefits of using mixer taps in Dubai, especially in your kitchen. All you need to ensure you have got the components right and hire the best plumber who can install the components without any further hassle.