A refrigerator is one of the most efficient and useful appliances that almost every household has. It is not just used to keep food cold or freeze delicious items. Instead, it is used to preserve food items, store vegetables and fruits for more days, reduce the temperature of several food items, and so on. However, being an electrical appliance, its efficiency can dwindle as you continue to use it.

Once the refrigerator’s efficiency decreases, your utility bills will increase by a whopping value. Furthermore, inefficient appliances are more prone to damages that require expensive repair and replacement work. This is why knowing more about the process of keeping refrigerators in Dubai more efficient is crucial. In the below section, we have explained a couple of ways to increase your refrigerator’s efficiency without having to invest money in the same.

Refrigerators in Dubai

Defrosting the refrigerator right on time

One of the best ways to increase the efficiency of refrigerators in Dubai is by defrosting. Allowing frost and ice to accumulate in the freezer can block the outlets and prevent air from getting circulated properly. So, defrost the freezer after three to four days and remove the water tank weekly to prevent accumulation.

Closing and opening the doors gently

When you open or close the refrigerator doors with full force, the magnetic attraction between its body and the door rim can reduce. Plus, the rubber lining will also lose elasticity and might come out anytime. This will not help you to keep the door closed for too long or in a proper manner.

So, your refrigerator will use more electricity to maintain the interior temperature at the set value, thereby suffering from a sharp decline in its performance. So, try to open and close the doors as gently as possible.

Refrigerators in Dubai

Ensuring the door is not opened for too long

When you keep the refrigerator doors open for a long time without switching off the power, there is a high chance of an imbalance between the interior temperature and the one that should be maintained. In other words, with doors open, hot air from outside can rush in easily and increase the interior temperature.

Once you close the door, the refrigeration cycle needs to pump out colder air, consuming more energy. So, try to keep the door closed as long as possible to reduce pressure on the compressor and increase the overall longevity of the appliance.

Cleaning the interiors every week

If your refrigerator’s interior is not cleaned properly, water can start accumulating, and that will cause damage to the drainage system. So, always clean the refrigerators in the buy once a week, drain the water plate, and ensure none of the outlets is blocked by dust or debris.

This will improve the performance and functioning of the appliance, ensuring it consumes less electric power for each refrigeration cycle.

Refrigerators in Dubai

Maintaining optimal temperature inside the refrigerator

Lastly, you must ensure that the temperature inside your refrigerator is always maintained at its optimal level. For instance, during the summer, try to balance the temperature inside based on the exterior temperature you have in your kitchen or where you have kept the appliance.

If you use an air conditioner, you can increase the refrigerator’s temperature so that it can be balanced properly and less electricity is consumed.


As you are now aware of the top ways you can maintain the efficiency of refrigerators in Dubai, you won’t have any problem ensuring your appliance lives for longer. There might be several problems, but you must ensure your maintenance involves always keeping the appliance hygienic, clean, and in optimal condition.