In earlier days, most kitchens used to have a single bowl mounted inside the countertop with a fixed sink tap. But nowadays, there are several variations in the designs because everyone likes to have kitchen components that are highly functional and innovative.

Therefore, it is normal to expect different kitchen sinks in Dubai, from single-bowl to drain double-bowl sinks. With so many different designs and styles, choosing the best one cannot be easy. If you are confused about the right choice, read below to know the factors that will have an impact on the choice you make.

Kitchen sink size and space availability

The first and foremost thing you must consider is the size of the kitchen sink and the space available on the countertop of the island top. Both should be in proper synchronization so that you don’t have to rebuild the kitchen counter or exchange the sink with a smaller or larger one to have a perfect fit

kitchen sinks in Dubai

Material with which the sink is made

You also need to think about the material with which the kitchen sink is made. The three most used materials for manufacturing sinks are stainless steel, marble, granite, and sometimes porcelain. Each material has pros and cons that you have to weigh and then decide which material you would like to go with.

Configuration and number of basins

It’s essential to ensure the kitchen sinks in Dubai you choose to have the right configuration for your needs. For instance, if you have a large kitchen, getting a double bowl sink would be better since you can have more space and wash all the dishes easily without creating a mess. Similarly, a single-bowl sink is the best choice for a smaller kitchen.

Mounting type of the sink

There are multiple sink options, out of which the top mount and low mount are the most popular ones. If you choose the top-mount sink, it will be placed on top of the kitchen counter, while the in-mount or low-mount sink will have its edges a little below the counter level.

kitchen sinks in Dubai

Built-in drainboard availability

Another excellent option that you can have for the kitchen sink is a built-in drainboard. The sink will be rectangular, with a single or double bowl, according to your convenience. On either side, you will have the drain board with horizontal slats and gaps between them. As you keep the utensils over the trend board, water will easily drain through these open slats and your utensils will get dried automatically without the need to put them in the dishwasher for drying.

Color and finish of the sink

Last but not least, you have to decide the color and finish of the sink. For example, if your countertop is black, it would be best to match the kitchen sink color or create a contrast by using a light-colored porcelain sink. Similarly, if your countertop is made from marble, the best kitchen sink you can get is stainless steel, one lustrous finish.


There are so many versatile options for sinks, making a choice is difficult and cumbersome. So, keeping these factors in mind can help you in the process and ensure the list ends with a single product name.