There was a time when the microwave oven was only thought of as a way to reheat food. As a result of technological developments and improvements, microwaves can now multitask and do much more than merely reheat.

The microwave oven is an essential component of the kitchen environment and it does not need much room.

As soon as you decide to get a microwave oven and enter a store or start searching online, you will see expansive kinds, sizes, settings, and other technical characteristics that you have never heard of before.

While the topic of whether or not you should possess a microwave is straightforward, navigating the vast selection of microwaves available for purchase is difficult. Here is a brief introduction to the considerations you must make when selecting a microwave oven, based on your needs and preferences.


  • Solo microwave oven

Solo microwave ovens are basic microwave-only devices that are perfect for reheating, cooking, and defrosting food.

  • Microwave oven grill

The Grill microwave oven delivers the same basic functionality as the solo microwave oven and includes an extra grilling option. Most grill microwave ovens enable customers to use grill and oven features together or independently for additional versatility when cooking. With a 30-minute cooking timer, the Bajaj 2005 ETB (20 Litre) Microwave Oven will be a valuable addition to your kitchen.

  • Convection microwave appliance

This kind of oven cooks food evenly using a heating element and an internal fan. These ovens are perfect for baking cakes, bread, and poultry, among other things. These ovens have an extensive array of functions, including defrost, heat, roast, brown, crisp, bake, and food cook menu.


Kitchen Size Matters

This versatile appliance is available in sizes ranging from .5 to 1.5 cubic feet. But first, you should assess how much room you have in your kitchen and what you want to store inside. Before purchasing a new set of dinnerware, measure the size of your current plates.

Power Capacity Is Important

The greater the wattage, the more efficient your microwave will be. If you wish to cook more than simply popcorn and potatoes, you will need a microwave of medium or full capacity. However, a larger model and more electricity will be required to prepare a whole dinner. Full-size ovens have between 1000 and 1600 watts of electricity, whereas mid-size ovens have between 800 and 1000 watts. If you live with roommates and are preparing dinner for one or two individuals, a microwave with less wattage would suffice.

Microwave Ovens are available in many sizes

Another consideration when purchasing a microwave is its capacity, which is measured in liters and indicates how much food can be cooked simultaneously. Are you a single man? Or married and have kids? These questions will unquestionably influence the type and size of the microwave oven that one should choose. The appropriate microwave capacity depends on the size of your household and your needs.


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