Almost every house has a dishwasher as the appliance makes dish cleaning and washing much easier. You won’t have to scrub all utensils and other kitchen accessories manually. There is a mess in the sink or empty shelves just because you didn’t get time to work on the dirty dishes. Over the years, several types of dishwashers have been launched in the market with varying capacities. Therefore, now you can choose the best appliance according to your needs.

However, the dishwashers in Dubai cannot clean everything you have. There are several things this appliance is incompatible with. Putting them inside will result in damage either to the utensils and other accessories or the dishwasher itself. This is why before using this marvelous kitchen appliance; it is better to know what you can use it for and what you shouldn’t.

What things can you put in the dishwasher?

Below is a list of items you can put into the dishwasher:

Kitchenware and accessories

Most things that you can put into the dishwasher come from your kitchen. From ceramic to glass plates to mixer or grinder cups, nonstick cookware, and so on. You will have dedicated slots in the dishwasher, ensuring you can easily arrange all dirty items properly and prevent their damage during cleaning.

You can even put plastic elements commonly used in kitchens, like oil brushes, lids, plastic containers, and so on. These items will be cleaned in minutes, with no remnants of dirt. In addition, some dishwashers are configured to remove grease and oil deposits from kitchen utensils and other accessories.

Pet accessories and belongings

You can even put pet accessories in your dishwasher to get them cleaned. From food bowls to toothbrushes, you can clean such items with the help of a dishwasher. Therefore, there won’t be any hassle in cleaning all these items, regardless of their size. Just ensure you keep them in the right slot to prevent any damage.

Baby items and other accessories

You can also clean different items or accessories you use for your little ones. For example, you can clean milk bottles, pump parts, nipples, and other items in the dishwasher. You won’t have to exhaust yourself due to manual cleaning. Once the cleaning is complete, you can keep them in a hot water bowl for sterilization. You can also opt for a hot washer as this option comes with several dishwashers.

Home decor elements

Lastly, you can even put items used at home décor in the dishwasher to get them cleaned as early as possible. For example, curtain rings, pots, and several other things can easily be put inside the dishwasher. So, you won’t have to worry about having dirty home decor elements just because cleaning manually is tiresome.

What things can you not put in the dishwasher?

dishwashers in Dubai
  1. Do not place sharp objects within the dishwasher, like forks, knives, blades, graters, etc.
  2. Using a dishwasher to clean cast iron utensils is not recommended as it will damage the appliance.
  3. Never keep any aluminum boxes or wraps inside the dishwasher for cleaning.
  4. It would help if you didn’t even keep pressure cookers, pots, and so on.


Now, as you know the limitations of dishwasher usability, you can easily plan your cleaning schedules. First, check the manufacturer’s instructions to know whether the chosen item is safe for the dishwasher. To buy the best dishwashers in Dubai, visit Metallica. We are one of the most recommended dishwasher brands and we always strive to deliver top-quality to you!